Sunday, July 08, 2012

Living Dead in Dallas: Chapter 8 - The Aftermath

Sookie watches as Trudi gets blown away, then notes that Chuck (a bartender) had ducked behind the bar. Eric protected Sookie with his hot bod, and of course she tries to shove him off. Then she realises that he's sheltering her from the bullets, and decides to let him stay on top of her. Eric makes the comment that he knew that someday, he'd be on top of her, and she gets all bitchy on him. Eric notes that Trudi isn't completely dead, and asks Sookie if she thinks he should make her a vampire. While she's mulling this over, Trudi dies. Way to go, Sookie. Your slow thinking kills yet another person.

Almost as soon as the attack started, it was over. The few humans who were left alive are crying, and the vamps are all kinds of pissed off. A bunch of vampires run after the perps, and Sookie notices that Eric is bleeding. Eric says there's a bullet inside and that Sookie has to suck it out. Now, if you're a fan of the show, then you know how awesome this scene was in the show. However, the scene in the book is nowhere as sexy and hilarious.

In the book, Eric does enjoy the Sookie Suck, and kisses her afterwards. Sookie enjoys it and also thinks about how great it is to be alive and how horny it has made her. Eric tells her to get the fuck out of there and look for Bill. He must be done with her. Oh, and Sookie keeps the bullet, because she thinks it will be a good way to remember what happened. Um, would it be that easy to forget?

Sookie heads outside, and gets pissed off that Bill has killed one of the gunmen. He, on the other hand, could give a fuck. Sookie stalks inside, grabs her purse, and drives to the airport. She drops the car off, gets on a plane to Shreveport, calls Jason to pick her up, and goes to bed. Oh, then cries in the morning.

Yeah...I did 2 chapters today!! Chapter 8 was unbelievably short, so I figured why the hell not. Yay me!!

Overview: Lots of humans in the house are gunned down. Sookie sucks on Eric for a bit. Sookie gets all bitchy because Bill kills some of the people who shot the house up and runs home.

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