Monday, February 20, 2012

Dead Until Dark: Chapter 9 - Theft and Revelations

Sookie's getting ready for Bill to take her to Fangtasia to go and meet my boyfriend Eric. She's feeling great after her blood sucking event with Bill - she feels very pretty. Weird, huh, since we're constantly told how hideous she is to people. Sookie's trying to figure out what to wear, since she's already exhausted her short and skimpy dress outfits - or has she?? She doesn't want to be sexy (didn't she wear a skanky outfit before) and decides on jeans. Good choice, Sook. She also wears white sandals and a blue low cut t-shirt to show off Bill's bite marks. But she brings a scarf along, just in case trouble happens. She notices her hair is even blonder and shinier than before because of Bill's vamp blood.

Bill picks her up and she notices that he's fed. She compares the person Bill fed on to a cow. Nice. Does that make her a cow as well? Sookie comments on it, and Bill says he didn't get off on the feeding, not like Eric will be getting off on touching Sookie. Sigh, okay, I get it. We all get it. Sookie is desired by all. So they head off to Fangtasia. Sookie gasps before they go into Fangtasia. Why? I have no idea. I know that I gasp before entering vampire clubs. It might just be the way life is. Sookie takes note of the cars in the parking lot, and sees that they're all expensive,foreign and sporty. Vampires obviously don't buy American. Bill knocks a "secret vampire knock" (um, 2 knocks on a door does not a secret knock make), and Pam opens the door. They head back to Eric's office in the back of the club and Bill bows for him. Long Shadow, the bartender who wanted to take on Sookie and Jason in a threesome, is also there, as is a human, Bruce, who is an accountant. Harris describes Bruce's outfit. Why? No reason. That's just the way Harris rolls. Bruce is just a fat old balding dude.

Turns out someone is stealing from Fangtasia, and Eric wants Sookie to ease drop on his humans' thoughts to find out who did it. This is being done instead of torturing the humans. Eric is very much a humanitarian here, haha. Sookie wants to know what will happen when she discovers who is stealing the money, and Eric says he'll just make them pay back the money and turn the culprit over to the police. Sookie doesn't believe him (she must have grown some brain cells on the drive over, or maybe from drinking Bill's blood), and says she wants him to promise that he will turn the guilty party over to the police, and in doing so, she'll be his beck-and-call psychic. She also points out that the thief wasn't necessarily a human. Eric agrees to Sookie's terms, and Sookie holds on to Bruce's hand and starts listening to his  thoughts. Bruce is ruled out as a suspect. He doesn't have any idea who even did it, so...Bruce is released, thinking that maybe working for vampires isn't such a good idea.

Pam brings in the next suspect, Ginger, and Sookie goes to hold her hand. Ginger freaks and tells her to back the fuck off. Pam's instructed to hold Ginger down while Sookie feels Ginger up and asks her questions. Sookie asks Ginger if she took the money, and even though Ginger didn't take it, she knows who did and has been glamoured to not be able to tell who did.

Pam brings in another waitress, Belinda, and Eric asks her what Ginger has been up to and what she's been seeing. Sookie catches an image in Belinda's head and realises that one of the vamps in the bar has been stealing and asks Belinda which vamp it was. As soon as Sookie has the name, Long Shadow leaps across the room and tries to kill Sookie. He gets a bite of her, but that's about it. Blood starts to come out of Long Shadow's mouth and goes into Sookie's mouth (gross) and he turns into black goo. (Not exactly the type of goo Sookie's used to having in her mouth or on her face, haha.)

This whole episode has caused the vamps to get all horny. Eric asks if any blood went down Sookie's throat and she says she's not sure. Sookie wants to get the fuck out of there, and Eric comments that Sookie smells different. Different from what? Other women? Vampires? Of course, I know why that is (and so do you, if you've read the books), but oooooohhhhhhh foreshadowing, Harris!! You're so tricky!

But I know it's because she smells like....a waitress! After all, isn't that what we're told her over and over again in the book/series?

Anywhoo, Sookie tells Pam to get the hell out of her way so she can leave...and Pam does. What? I'm sorry, but I would have thought that Pam would have listened to Eric, not some pussy assed waitress. Whatevs. But this is explained away by Pam having blood lust. For vampire blood? Okay. Weird. Pam tells Ginger that Eric wants to see her, and Ginger gets all lit up like a Christmas tree.

Sookie and Bill go to the car, and Sookie notices that Bill's getting all turned on by all the blood on Sookie and she tells him to take a hike and take the equivalent of a cold shower until he gets over his blood horniness. Apparently, for the first time ever, Sookie's not in the mood to get fucked by Bill. But Bill doesn't give two shits. He grabs her and starts licking the blood off of Sookie's face. Like a dog. That is so hot. Seriously, have you ever been licked by a person? I mean, I've had a dog lick my face, and it's not the best feeling in the world, and as a joke, an ex licked my cheek. It was pretty icky. Not a sexy feeling. But I digress.

This scares and pisses off Sookie. She grabs his ears (yes, ears) and pulls his head away. Sookie must be one strong waitress, because didn't Bill just make a tornado type thing to hide a murder? But a girl pulling on his ears makes him stop licking blood. She yells at him, and Bill comes back to his normal, charming self. For once, Sookie understands why Bill was all hypnotised by the blood (but isn't understanding of her brother being upset and somewhat self-involved because he's under suspicion for murder or why her friend might not want her young children around a vampire...ok). Bill tells her to expect that Eric will call upon her mind-reading skills again. Sookie mentions that the sum of money stolen isn't really what would be considered a large amount of money to a vampire, and we're told about how vamps either would rob or glamour a person to give money or land to vampires. We also find out that Fangtasia is financed by Eric primarily then Pam, and Long Shadow was just a bartender (ok, so Sookie is Waitress Fantastico but a bartender is a lower life form? Le sigh) and that his theft was a great betrayal. Sookie makes a grand statement saying that vampires aren't smarter than humans like she thought. Well, darling, they're smarter than  you, but that's not a big jump. Then Bill drops Sookie off at home.

Short chapter, short summary. Sookie was also not a complete artard this chapter. Nice change. But the clothing descriptions go on, westward ho!

Overview:  Sookie goes to Fangtasia again to find out who has been stealing from Eric. She almost gets killed by Long Shadow, the thief. Sookie has a revelation.

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