Sunday, February 24, 2013

Club Dead: Chapter 8 - Dude, Where's That Body?

Sookie, worn out from a night of ditching dead bodies with Alcide, just wants to take a nap, but they have some evidence covering up to do, so they get at it when they get back to Alcide's apartment. Sookie has some very, very, VERY late remorse about covering up a crime, but hey that's just life in Sookie's world. Alcide tells her not to sweat the small stuff, that something else will come up soon to fuck her life up and make this dead body dump and cover look as insignificant as a late fee at the library. Sookie then goes to take a nap. 

Something wakes her's a knock at the door!! Instead of going into the living room or wherever the door is like a normal person, she sneeks to the door of her bedroom and eavesdrops. Alcide is talking to someone about some dude named Jerry, and how he showed up at someone's apartment with a grievance about Alcide. Alcide tells mystery person that he (Jerry) hurt Sookie and that blood was drawn. This is quite the misdeed in the were culture, I guess. Alcide then says that Edgington stepped in took care of  the "hurting/disturbing Sookie" business, and the mystery person doesn't like that information at all. Finally, Alcide says the mystery person's name - Terrence. Anyhow, he pleads his innocence in the incident at the bar. Alcide reassures Terrence that he'll only be in town one more night, and that he won't make another scene. Ya, right Alcide. You're with Sookie. Sookie's a one woman drama factory. Terrence basically tells Alcide to make sure he keeps his nose clean. Should be no problem, since the ringleader that was involved in the scuffle is now dead. 

Eric shows up and taps at the window, startling Sookie as she eavesdrops. She motions to Eric to keep his bloody (haha) mouth shut. Alcide comes into the room when Terrence leaves, and Sookie tells him she heard everything. Alcide goes to the window to let Eric in. Eric's hair is in a ponytail and he's wearing glasses, so Sookie asks if he's in disguise. Sigh. Eric has a lot to learn in the area of disguise. Putting on glasses - isn't that how they fool people in Disney shows? Sookie drools a bit because Eric's wearing a suit. 

Alcide accuses Eric of putting a dead body in the closet and Eric asks if it was Bubba in the closet. Turns out Bill isn't the only missing vamp - Bubba is missing as well. Alcide fills Eric in on the shit that happened at the bar the night before and Eric asks to see her scabby shoulder. Eric then asks more questions about the body and where it might be located now. Alcide and Sookie share a meaningful stare (which I imagine to look like this...)

and they tell Eric how they dumped the body in the woods. Alcide mentions to Eric that the packmaster in Jackson came to see him, and that they seem to have gotten away with the body dump. Eric says that he'll be in the club tonight, and some other bullshit happens. Eric then tells Sookie that he's looked all over Jackson for Bill but there's no sign of him, and she'd better start getting used to the idea that Bill's really for real dead. Sookie almost faints (um, didn't she hear this might be the case before) and sheds a glistening tear from each of her blue eyeballs. Which Eric licks off her face to which I say whafaa? Who the fuck does this, and why would this be considered okay? Eric says they only place he hasn't checked is Edgington's pad (hmmm, I wonder where they might want to look...). Eric wants Sookie to tell him what Bill was working on, but since Sookie is the most clueless and useless panty-waste ever, she can't. Eric gets a little moody, to which Sookie replies by vowing to find her precious Bill. Eric tells Sookie that Edgington won't be swayed by Sookie's feminine wiles, and Sookie gets all pouty and asks how the fuck would Eric know. He mentions that some bi-sexual were's vamp girlfriend (yeah, it's just as stupid as it sounds) told him that Edgington is all about the cock (I think we knew this, but I can't remember and frankly...could give a sheet), and some wordplay is mentioned about "two natured" and shit. Sookie figures out that if Bill is anywhere, he's probably at Edgington's compound (to which I say a resounding "No shit, Sherlock). Eric looks at Sookie all sad-like, which makes Sookie all sad-like. 

Overview:  Making a body disappear makes Sookie tired. Sookie likes to eavesdrop. Eric cannot find Bill. He's probably at Edgington's manor/estate/prison. Most likely not vamp dead, but the everlasting wooden stake fucked up dead.

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