Friday, November 04, 2011

The Beginning

So, here I go. With a blog. Whoda thunk it? Anyhow, here's my take on the Sookie Stackhoue series by Charlaine Harris. I'm not promising anything, but I hope you'll all enjoy it. I'm going to recap each book, probably by chapter. I don't know how long it will be between posts, but I'll try to keep it on a regular basis. Enjoy!!


  1. Hey there. I want to start reading this blog cos I love true blood but is there any way to get to the beginning without having to go through them all? Just took ages to get to the first one! Cheers. Love the fita blog. Very funny.

  2. Thanks, Jenny :) I looked into your question, but if you're looking at it on a phone, then you'd have to go to the webview. Then you can see the dates and posts on the right hand side. Sorry about that!!